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Time is the one thing you can't buy more of

How much do you read everyday?  Maybe you don't sit down with a novel every day, but do you read your mail, email, the newspaper,  magazines?  How about road signs, items in stores, web sites, and the seemingly endless stream of memos and faxes?

What if you could read twice as fast as you do now?

All told, the average adult spends at least an hour a day reading.  If you learned to read twice as fast, you could easily free-up 30 minutes a day!  That's 3-1/2 hours a week! Over the course of a year it adds up to an entire week!

Time is precious, and by minimizing the time it takes to do routine things, like reading email and memos, the more time you can have to do the things you enjoy.

I always thought Speed Reading was a myth

It seemed like a great concept, but I never really knew that it was even possible to read 1000 words a minute or more.   Sure, I'd seen the late-night commercials pitching various speed reading courses, programs and software products, but they all seemed like a lot of hype.

I thought my comprehension would suffer, but I decided to try it on a whim one day, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

After looking into the speed reading training courses, and trying a few different products I was about to give up hope when I discovered:

Speed Your Read

Speed Your Read is a revolutionary speed reading software program that will teach you how to read faster than you ever imagined. 

The average reader reads between 200 and 300 words a minute.  Within a few days of using Speed Your Read for just a few minutes a day you could easily double or even triple your reading speed. 

Your reading speed will increase the first time you use the software and will keep increasing to up to 1000 words a minute or more. 

Speed Your Read uses new technology called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation to train your eyes and your brain to read faster!  In studies conducted at John's Hopkins University some participants were able to read over 1600 words a minute after training with this technology.

The Keys to Success Will Be in Your Hands.

With Speed Your Read you'll be able to become an expert on just about any subject in just a few days.  You'll be able to keep up with current events, read all of the best sellers and learn new skills!  I read the DaVinci Code in just a few hours, and loved it so much I read Angels and Demons in a few spare hours the next weekend.

I read 110 books in just 6 weeks!

All while I working full-time, running a home-based business, and spending time with my friends and family.

What could you accomplish with that much new knowledge and information? 

Improved Career, Decreased Stress Levels, More Confidence

I'm now in-line for a promotion at work,  I feel less stressed at the office (I can finally get all of my work done), and have an overall sense of well-being and confidence that I didn't have before.     When I walk into a book store I feel a sense of power, like I can conquer anything, and that it's all within my grasp.  I've always had a touch of ADD, and it's even helped with that!

I currently read over 1100 words a minute with 95% comprehension!

The Best Product Out There

Before I started to sell Speed Your Read I wanted to make sure I had the best product around...I bought just about every piece of speed reading software on the market, read all of the books, and even checked out the hypnosis products.  I was absolutely convinced that Speed Your Read is the best speed reading course around.  I didn't stop there...II showed this to everyone I know.  I took it to learning experts, I took it to teachers, I took it to Doctors.  They all loved it!

We're currently working on a clinical study with a local university to show that Speed Your Read is the best speed reading product on the market. 

My brother managed to increase his speed by 50 words a minute after just the first session!  My neighbor has struggled with dyslexia all of her life and she's reading more than she ever thought possible.

See what my customers have to say!

"Its a fun program to use, and the bonus materials are very interesting.  As a busy family physician I think your program will be a great asset, as I have to read large amounts of material"    -I. Bub MD

"I bought the software for my daughter, and she and I are really pleased with the results. Her starting level was 380 wpm, and after one session it jumped to 580 wpm. It's now at about 680 wpm... But it's not just about reading fast, it's about retension and memory. Her frustration when it comes to reading has really decreased. She and I couldn't be happier with Speed Your Read." B. Smythe

"I increased my speed by over 300 words a minute in one set of lessons!!!!"

"It really works."

"In only 2 days I'm reading about 30% faster!!!"

"The product is amazing.  I focus much better and have started my eight year old son on the program." Cheryl B.

These are actual testimonials from some of the 1000 people who decided to try Speed Your Read.

I've sold over 1000 pieces of this software and my customers are absolutely thrilled with the product.  I'm getting emails right and left from folks who tried other speed reading courses and finally got the results they wanted with Speed Your Read.  They're seeing gains that they never thought were possible!


Act now to take advantage of our May sale!

We've put together a bonus package that can't be beat!

You Get:

Word Wizard

  • Vocabulary building software this is great if you want to add a little polish to your communication skills or if you're studying for the SAT, LSAT, or GRE

Type Faster

  • Typing tutor software.  I want you to succeed, and to be able to spend time doing the things you want to do, so I've included Type Faster a great typing tutor.

Ebooks, Ebooks and More Ebooks!

Once you become a speed reader you'll be hungry for new information.  I want you to have access to classic works of literature, and some other very useful material so we've made the Speed Your Read Digital Library that is included free with our speed reading software.

We've also included Business and Personal Success Ebooks!

  • Memory Techniques
  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Small Business Success
  • Health and Fitness
  • Romance
  • A collection of Quick and Easy Recipes including easy crock pot recipes, and how to make your own food mixes (you'll have to forgive me...I'm from Watkins Glen, a town built on auto racing and speed- I'm into "fast")
  • 125 Classic works of literature.  This has a little something for everyone.  We've included The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mother Goose,  The Bible, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales and a lot more!

There are so many ebooks in this package that we've had to list them on a separate page to show them all to you! 

Click here to see the Speed Your Read Digital Library

Endorsed by Certified Teachers!

I knew the biggest tests would be my mom and sister.  They're both certified teachers.  My mother has a masters degree in Education, and over 30 years of classroom experience, my sister graduated with honors in Education and English.  I knew that if they tried it and liked it I was home free.

They both loved the software.  Mom can be a tough critic...she's always been the one to put me in my place, and when she said she loved the software and that it could be a real benefit to people I knew I had a winner.   My sister absolutely loved it and just wished that she had seen it sooner!  She's installed it on her computer, and plans to introduce it into the classroom.

After asking them about the software I hit the library and read journal article after journal article (I have a Psychology degree, studied learning & memory with national experts, and presented a research paper on memory at a national conference).  This stuff works!  It increases comprehension, and can help folks with learning disabilities read faster and understand more. 

Iron-Clad Guarantee:

I'm so confident that you'll love this software that I offer an unconditional, no hassle, no questions asked, no hard feelings guarantee.  Try the software, and if you're not absolutely delighted I'll send you your money back right away.  No questions asked.  Really!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about reading comprehension?
Speed reading can actually improve your reading comprehension.  I read over 1100 words a minute, and my reading comprehension is in the top 5%.  It works by training your eyes to move more efficiently along the page, and by training your brain to process information faster. 

 Virginia Tech, and the University of Maryland both recommend learning speed reading techniques to help students boost their GPA's.

How Long Does it Take?

You can expect to spend between 2-3 hours to complete the training.  We recommend spending 15-30 minutes a day practicing with Speed Your Read, and you should be able to double your reading speed in about 2 weeks, or less.  The lessons are easy...you basically just sit back and read.  Your speed reading software makes it fast and fun!

Your reading speed should improve after the first lesson, and will continue to improve with each lesson that you complete. 

  • Hypnosis/subliminal tapes take at least double that to work effectively, if they work for you at all.
  • Speed reading books, audio and video tapes require multiple hours of dedicated practice to see any results. 

Beware of sellers telling you that you can learn to speed-read in just a few minutes!  They're teaching you the techniques, but they're not training you to speed read.  Learning any new process takes at least 7 repetitions over 7 days to reinforce the lessons. 

Is it appropriate for my child?

It's appropriate for most kids age 8 and up.  Most of the lessons are pretty straight forward, and there are a lot of eye drills that they can use that don't require much reading but will still help them improve. Speed Your Read allows you to import text so they can read what's interesting to them.  There are even some fun games!  If your child is having trouble in school, or is frustrated because of the amount of reading they have to do, give it a shot! 

If your child can read, they can learn to read faster with Speed Your Read.

It does come with the unconditional guarantee.  If you're not sure, give it a try and if they're not into it we'll refund your money right away, no questions asked.

Once I learn to speed read do I have to speed read all the time?

No.  Some books need to be sipped, and savored like a fine wine.  Others, you need to plow through to dig out the important parts and be done with it.  Speed reading allows you the flexibility to enjoy literature as you see fit, and is a skill you can choose to use or not use anytime you'd like. 

How is Speed Your Read different the other speed reading programs and methods?

  • Speed Your Read works by testing your current reading skill and challenging you to read faster and faster.  Don't buy any speed reading software that doesn't include tests (they won't challenge you enough). 
  • INSTANT Delivery!  I know you want to get started right away so right after you pay you get an email with a link to download the software and bonus material.   You can be reading faster tonight!
  • Speed Your Read is one of the few pieces of software that actually adjusts to your reading speed to keep the lessons challenging (the infomercial one doesn't...if you read 800 words a minute, there are points where it makes you read slower)
  • It allows you to import your own reading material into the software so you can practice with passages that are interesting to you.  I'll even include some of the great works of literature in digital form so you can read the classics while you're learning to speed read!
  • It also allows for multiple users, so each member of the family can track their individual progress. 
  • Toll-free support.  Yes, we have a super-modern product, but our way of doing business is old-fashioned.  We believe in giving you the best customer service available.   Here's the number: 866-354-8482


  Speed Your Read EyeQ Ultimate Speed Reader (copyright 1997)*
Guarantee Unlimited 30 days no
Tech support Yes yes no
Allows you to import text Yes & comes with free ebooks no yes, but...
Allows multiple users Yes depends yes
Free Bonuses Yes, lots of them!! no no
Instructions Yes yes no
Vocabulary Builder Software YES no no
Typing Tutor Software YES no no
Games YES no no
Instant Delivery YES no no

*note- Ultimate Speed Reader was first published by Davidson Inc. which is currently out of business.  It is nearly 10 years old, and has not been produced or sold legitimately in several years. 

From time to time I get asked why I think Speed Your Read works as well or better than the other pieces of speed reading software on the market.  I like Speed Your Read because it's flexible.  You can read what you want to read, when you want to read it.  If you want to read The Wizard of Oz you can learn to speed read with The Wizard of Oz.  If you want to read something in another language, you can read something in another language (as long as it uses the English alphabet....including the languages that use additional characters like German and Icelandic).  We even provide tech support in Finnish, English, and rusty French!

The other reason I like it and think it works better is because it places a heavy emphasis on reading text.  Other pieces of software have just a few 7 minute lessons...about 4 of those minutes are spent watching a tennis ball bouncing around the screen.  I just don't see how that makes you read faster.  They claim it helps to engage the right half of your brain, but reading is a WHOLE BRAIN activity. 

Speed Your Read engages your whole brain!

I really believe that Speed Your Read is the best product on the market.  I've tested just about every piece of software out there, and it's hands down the best.  It has more features, allows you more flexibility (you can do more than one session in a day), allows multiple users, and it shows more immediate results.  It's not uncommon for someone's speed to actually decrease when they're using the other software...with Speed Your Read you can see results after just the first session.

We've really knocked ourselves out to produce a quality product that gives you a real value for your money.  Don't spend hundreds of dollars in a late-night moment of weakness.  Speed Your Read is inexpensive, and has more features, more flexibility, and more information.  There are no additional payments, and nothing more to buy.

Is the delivery really instant?

Yes, as soon as you purchase and pay for the software you get an email with the download instructions.  If you don't see that email check your spam filters (it sometimes goes in there), and if it's not in there call or email me. 

Is this a trial version, do I have to pay more later?

No, this is a full version of the software.  You pay the one price, and there is nothing more to buy ever.  I offer a great product at a fair price, and hope that you'll like it so much you'll tell your friends.  Please keep in mind that this is not EyeQ!  I think it works better, has more features, and comes with an unlimited money back guarantee.

Why is the price so low?

I want to make it available to as many people as I can.  I believe in providing a superior product at an extraordinary price.  Reading should be enjoyed by everyone, and I like to make it as affordable to as many people as possible.

This is a genuine piece of software, not a copy, not a text file.

Can I install it on more than one computer?

Yes!  I work on a few different computers so I know how it goes...feel free to install it on a few different machines.  I want you and your family to get the maximum benefits from this software.  All that we ask is that you don't resell it, or give it away to anyone outside your immediate family.

Does it require Internet access?

No, once you download and install Speed Your Read you don't have to connect to the web again. It is a stand-alone program.  Nothing runs online.

How long does it take to download?

Speed Your Read takes about 2 minutes over a high speed connection, and about 10 minutes over a dial-up connection (this varies a little depending on web traffic).  The Digital Library can take quite a bit of time (it's a lot of files). 

Does it really work?

Heck yeah!  I think Speed Your Read works much better than any other piece of software on the market.  I increased my speed from about 400 words a minute (pretty fast), to over 1000 words a minute in about 2 weeks.  I currently read over 1100 words a minute with excellent comprehension.  My customers have had even more impressive results. 

      "Great product !!!!! i increased my speed by 300 wpm in one set of lessons!!!!!!!"

"First-rate software...Product priced superbly. Highly recommended!!"

"It really works. Thanks for the deal".

"Easy download. Program really works. Her price is excellent."

"Rather than merely providing random general theories and reading techniques, Speed Your Read starts at ground level and builds incrementally on the foundation - conditioning the eyes and mind for improvement. This program makes the daunting task of increasing reading speed/comprehension fun, rather than chore-like. At twice the price, I wouldn't feel cheated. At this price, the program is incomparable." V. Messner

Don't forget about the bonuses!

Word Wizard

Our vocabulary training software valued at $12.95

Type Faster

Our typing software valued at $14.95

Speed Your Read Digital Library



Try it today!

 This is a very special offer containing 3 great pieces of software, and an absolute MUST HAVE collection of literature.

This is your chance to Buy It Now before the price increases at the end of the month!  Get your copy today!


Karen Stark

P.S.  This software will add benefits to your life that you never thought possible.  Lowered stress levels, increased productivity and more free time are just a few.  Order your copy today and start living the life you've dreamed of.



If you're not absolutely thrilled with this software just let me now and I'll quickly and cheerfully refund your money.

No Hassles, No Questions Asked

System Requirements This software works on Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and 8, as well as Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.6 (Lion and newer are not supported at this time)

Speed Your Read is undergoing a major rewrite and will be available again very shortly. Please check back for details!

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If you require more than 10 disks please contact us for special pricing.

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 I guarantee it!

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